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Lindsay Kellner

Lindsay is currently the senior beauty and lifestyle editor at mindbodygreen, where she reports on wellness trends, mental health, inner beauty and everything in between. She also has her own blog and podcast, Well Aware, through which she explores the intersection of spirituality and creativity with her guests and listeners. Lindsay is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and practices at Sky Ting in New York City. She has a degree in journalism and psychology from NYU—when she's not writing, she enjoys figure drawing and painting. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and cat. 



Emma Loewe

Emma is a NYC-based writer and editor. She is currently the Sustainability Editor at mindbodygreen, where she also covers home and spirituality content. She graduated from Duke University with a degree in Environmental Science in 2015 and is fascinated by how people interact with nature. She loves being outside, taking photos, and finding creative ways to write about sustainability and spirituality.